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8 Ways to Find Great Social Media Content | Social Media Examiner

8 Ways to Find Great Social Media Content | Social Media Examiner.


About MM International Pty Ltd

MM INTERNATIONAL P/L founder and CEO, Martin J Morris is a recognised authority on peak performance and performance management. Martin is a renowned master sales person and trainer on the science of selling .Martin is a sought after motivational speaker and personal achievement success coach.


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MM International CEO Marty Morris

Martin Morris has developed an impressive career in direct sales, financial services, sales, sales training and management of large sales teams and human resources, particularly in brokerage business structures. Martin has over 25 years experience across a broad spectrum of markets from property to telecommunications, networking, e-commerce, insurance, financial planning and manufacturing. Business success has included successful participation in “ASX” listings and turnovers of $ 0 –$100 million
in 2-3 years from inception

Martin has been placed on the board of many public and private companies to work with the Executive Directors in entity design and the implementation of strategic organisation and management plans, specialising in market capitalisation and sales growth.

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